I enjoy crafting and telling stories in PowerPoint.
I create custom templates, charts, infographics, custom icons, illustrations, animations, photo treatments, and other graphic elements. I enjoy collaborating with presenters, to make sure that their story is told in a compelling and graphically impactful way. No boring presentations allowed!
Skincare company materials. Designed slides, animations, icons, and sourced AND EDITED photos.
I ALSO created A custom template for use in break-out sessions FOR LARGE ANNUAL CONFERENCE.
Women's health care company. I designed slides and infographics, source photos, made template functional.
Branding Agency. I designed presentations, incorporating custom branding elements, custom graphics, icons, and more--within in a fast-paced agency environment.
Investment Finance Company. I designed custom presentation materials, including data-intensive charts and graphs, infographics, custom icons, graphics, and sourced AND EDITED photos. 
Presentations available to view with password. 


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